This block of instruction will serve to satisfy, in part or whole, requirements concerning continuing education posted in NFPA 1033 Section 4.1.7.

  • The components of an electrical service, circuitry, modes of failure, and arc mapping.
  • Define basic electrical terms.
  • Identify common electrical failure mechanisms.
  • Describe common electrical systems and components found in a home.
  • Examine a fire of potential electrical origin.

Program topics include: Safety, Electrical Safety, NFPA Chapter 9 (Electricity & Fire), Basic Electricity, Building Electrical Systems, Electrical Heating (five forms), Electrical Failure, Arcing, and Electrical Fire Investigation.

Hosts for this class must provide a training facility conducive to the size of the class expected, and audio visual equipment that supports class size and a PowerPoint presentation

 * 8 Hours Tested



8 Hours of Tested Training

Upcoming Sessions of Electrical Fundamentals:

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